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A brief introduction package to the Homeland Development w/profit profile, comp's, cost to build and develop. If an offer is brought now pre-development, I’ve ran numbers with $20,000/per lot cost to purchase as opposed to after development cost of $70,000+/lot cost as listed on developer's preliminary bid. The numbers vary for 30 lot PUD, both included. these pre-development lot prices would include Tom with Nashville's Best Construction having the exclusive build and myself, Ashli Williams having the exclusive-right to sell listing agreement for the re-sale of the homes at 5.5% commission (6% is average in Nashville, so I’ve reduced that to increase your profit's).  The ROI is above average. The market in Nashville is very stable, and is actually projected for a steady 5%+ starting and then increasing over the next 2-3 years. 

Prior to moving to Nashville, I had been re-habbing and flipping in CA for 12 years, and a licensed full time real estate agent in CA for 3 years with great profits. Seeing the real estate market in Nashville being in the top 10 in the nation, I made the jump in 2013 full speed ahead. To date, I’ve been flipping in Nashville full time 1.5 years in 2013 and this year 2014. In the last 1.5 years, I have successfully rehabbed 15 homes, all coming in at or well over profit projections ranging from 35,000-120,000 net profits. I work with 4 different investors that fund the deals, I find the deals, rehab the properties and we split profits at resale. If you'd like more details on the end profits I can provide those upon request. 

I feel Tom, the owner/builder of Nashville's Best Construction, is one of the most qualified and honest builders I’ve met, and I would highly recommend him. He is currently building a new home for me in East Nashville. 

Should you desire any further information,  all are available upon request, as is an on-site inspection/meeting anytime. I'm local and always available within a day or so notice. 


Ashli Williams

Beautiful Homes, LLC 

615-484-3209 phone 

615-323-9559 fax 




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