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about us

I have been providing superior craftsmanship for over 45 years plus as I am a third generation custom homebuilder and remodeling contractor. This is the only business I have ever known. I learned from my grandfather and father to begin a job and complete it before starting another and this is how I run my business today. You will see me on your job site every day. One job at a time. I apply the same attention to detail and quality craftsmanship to every job – no mater how big or small. I pride myself with the ability and knowledge to assist or complete every trade job in the home construction field. I personally will build your cabinets, trim your home or sheet rock it, or hang your lights or put plumbing in as an after thought. I spot problems long before they become a problem and will create space in your home where you never knew it existed without interrupting the daily traffic pattern. I can design your dream home or your kitchen and bath to allow you the luxury you deserve from a professional contractor with 45 years of hands on professionalism. I understand what you feel when I demo your home and put it back together in front of your eyes. I take the time to assure you and show you all that is going on so that we both have an open line of communication through the complete project from the beginning to the end. This is second nature to me and I will assure you a pleasurable experience with all my sub contractors and myself. What I have heard most from all my customers is, “ wow I did not expect to see you working here every day”.




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